Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Problems with Visual Studio 2008 SP1

I installed VS2008 SP1 the week after it came out. I used the prepare tool first, then installed the service pack and everything seemed to work perfectly. I haven't really checked out all of the new features, but I really like the fact that all the TODOs in your solution now show up, in stead of only the TODOs in the files you currently have opened. And I also like the VB-esque background compiling (or however they implemented it) and showing you selected compiler errors before you compile. If you create a function that returns a value, but haven't put in the return statement yet, the IDE will already inform you that the function doesn't return a value.

So all was fine and perfect, until I tried to debug an ASP.NET application. Then the IDE would freeze and prompt me with a window that told be VS2008 had an internal error and must close. I could then close VS2008 or close it and look for a solution online. Whichever I would choose, the window would disappear, but VS2008 would remain, taking up 100% CPU on one core. The other core would be pwned by WerFault.exe and it would not end until I'd manually end-tasked DevEnv.exe.

I had my ASP.NET development set up to use IIS, so I switched so Cassini (the internal ASP.NET development server), but that didn't work. I then tried to run the application from IIS again and attach the debugger. Still hanging.
I then searched on Google for a bit and tried some work-arounds for similar problems I found there, I also tried the repair option in the VS2008 installer, but debugging still hung the IDE. So I reported it at Microsoft Connect and went home (I was at work at the time).

That evening at home I completely removed VS2008 and everything related from my laptop and reinstalled it. I verified debugging worked and when it did I installed SP1 again. But this time debugging kept working. So I have no idea what was wrong, but it's all working again now. So if anyone runs into similar problems, just uninstall and install again.

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