Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Working with others = my glass ceiling

I've never really worked on projects that involved more then 3 people on the development side of things. That is, until January this year. At the start of this year my department started working on the biggest, most important piece of software we have ever build. And almost everyone from my team is involved. It's currently a 10-man project. 6 of which are developers.

So now we're 6 months in and we in the phase where I get to dig around in other peoples code. Be it for fixing bugs, or just plain and simple code reviews. And now I've started to notice something negative about me. I've noticed that I regard code that has not been written by me as bad code, even before I've take the time to examine it. I didn't notice it immediately , but I've started noticing it this week and thinking about it it explains some of my feelings towards certain modules.

Since I think the code is bad, even if it is better then what I would have written, I always want to refactor it, change it. And that's not good. Well sometimes it is, but not always. And when I do a code review I should pay particular attention that I judge code on how it works and not how I feel about it.

As a programmer you can get only so far flying solo. To progress as an effective programmer you must also learn to work well with others and be part of a team. This is something I know, but my unconscious doesn't appear to want it. Now I know I can start working on it. And in the end it will make me a better programmer.

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